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Spur of the Moment Septum Piercing

Hey you!

Here I answer frequently asked questions on my nose piercing, and share my experience.

So, I you’re considering getting your nose pierced you’ve come to the right place! This is based on my personal experience.

Feel free to message me and ask questions on tumblr too!

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EDITOR’S NOTES: I strongly echo what she said about NOT piercing yourself. You risk injury and infection if you do it yourself. So please get a professional piercer to do it. If you’re worried about the cost, you can save up for it, or go on a day when they have a discount on nose piercings. (Yes, you can get a discount on a nose piercing at a reputable place.)

Secondly, the “invisible” piece of jewelry she is talking about is a clear glass nose retainer. Ask a professional piercer about it.

Lastly, when cleaning your piercing, don’t bother with the sea salt soaks (or any salt soaks for that matter). Saline solution (also known as Saline Wound Wash) is best, because it is more sterile than a sea salt soak. (The Piercings By AJ blog has more information about saline solution versus sea salt soaks. [AJ is a professional piercer with an APP license.]) Saline solution/wound wash can be found in the first aid section of most stores. right next to the bandaids and whatnot. It shouldn’t be more than $6 or $7 per bottle (and often it’s less than that). Grab that and some q-tips to clean your nose.



Selling Some Old Jewelry & Trinkets on eBay…

As you all know, I normally don’t post non-nose piercing stuff here, but I thought some of you might be interested in these items. These have been sitting around on my dresser for awhile, because I hardly ever wear or use them anymore. That, or I never wore or used the items in the first place, which is the case with most of this stuff. (NOTE: The items I wore/used were the pink, green, & purple rubber bangle bracelets, the light blue “Angel” & heart charms, and the “Never drive faster than your Guardian angel can fly” charm. Everything else is unused.

If you’re interested in these items (which I’m selling all together, not separately), you can click here for a little more information. If these don’t sell within a certain period of time, I’ll be taking them to the nearest Salvation Army or thrift store.

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Anonymous asked:
this might sound silly but do you think there are certain noses that are better for nose rings? I really want to get one but I feel like my nose is too long and it just wouldn't look right...I've held up earring studs to my nose before but i can't ever really see it

At the end of the day, it’s your nose and your decision to pierce it. What anyone else thinks about your nose is irrelevant (including what I think). If you’re comfortable with your nose and feel confident enough (and responsible enough) to get a nose piercing and wear nose jewelry, do it. You can always discuss your concerns with a professional piercer and find a stud or nose hoop that will work for your nose.

tkdski asked:
Hey, so I was just wondering if I get my nose pierced, would the area be swollen/enflamed/red for the day following? I turn 18 on the same day of homecoming and was just wondering! Thought you might know! ☺️ thank you so much for your help ☺️

This would be a question to bring to your professional piercer. They can fill you in on what normally happens with nose piercings when they’re fresh, how to properly take care of the piercing, etc. The FYNR FAQ can help you with basic questions, but more detailed questions would need to be addressed by a professional piercer. You CAN submit a question to the blog of the professional piercer that wrote the majority of our FAQ section, Piercings by AJ (link to the blog can be found on the FAQ page).

Anonymous asked:
What nose ring stud size should you get when you first pierce it?

That is something to definitely discuss with a professional piercer. They can tell you what is too small or too big to start off with, as well as why.

jegbyrd asked:
which side would you recommend? people say my good side but to me both are equal I'm not really sure which side and I'm getting it pierced tomorrow

Which side do YOU want pierced? If you already have a preference, just do whatever side that is. The only suggestion I would make is this— if you tend to always get stuffy in one particular nostril when you’re sick, then maybe don’t get pierced on THAT side. (It just makes blowing your nose easier.) But if you’re equally stuffy in each nostril, then it doesn’t matter.



Anonymous asked:
How do you send submissions on the tumblr app?

You know, I have the Tumblr app but never use it since I do all the Tumblr stuff on my laptop, so I actually don’t know. I can check that out for you, but you might have to wait since I’m knee-deep in readings and assignments for a Master’s degree I’m trying to complete. If you or anyone else happens to figure it out before I do, let me know…

Anonymous asked:
Do different nose piercings have different meanings? For example I keep hearing that if you get your nose pierced on the left side you're gay/lesbian, the right side you're straight, and septum you're bisexual. Is this true?

Those are all false. But I’d love to know what people or websites you keep hearing or reading this stuff from. It seems to be a long-running rumor that gets spread around by middle school or high school students. A quick Google search brings up questions about it from as far back as 2007. It’s a false rumor that apparently hasn’t died yet.

And even if it used to be true at some point, no one follows that logic today when getting their noses pierced. They just pick a side they prefer and get that pierced. It would be confusing for some people if that rumor were true, because some people pierce one side with a stud and the other with a ring/hoop. Or they get a stud and then a septum, or a hoop and then a septum, or all 3. So that logic doesn’t even work for people with multiple nose piercings in various places, lol.

i-thebeautifulmystery asked:
Hi! Im sorry but I really need your opinion. I want to get a regular nose piercing but idk if it would look good on me and which side I should get it on. I'd really appreciate your opinion. Thanks love. xoxo

I’ve already answered part of your question (and others like it) in the FAQ section of this blog (2nd to last question). Short version of that answer is this— I think you should decide if it will look good on you. What I think doesn’t matter. ;)

It also doesn’t matter which side you get pierced as far as looks go. However, if you have a nostril that tends to get stuffy when you have a cold or something, then maybe don’t pierce that nostril and pierce the other nostril. But other than that, it makes no difference. That’s just preference.